Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You See This Teacher?

Whenever I read blogs I always want to know more about the author. Maybe that is because blogs are so much more personal than books, websites and articles. If there is any chance to learn more about the blogger, I search for it.

So here’s some more info about this new teacher. First, I am proud to think of myself as an atypical first year teacher. Here’s what I normally assume about other new teachers I meet. They are in committed relationships or newly married. No kids yet. Drive a compact car or station wagon. Recent college graduate. Organized.

I am not any of those. I have come to the recent assertion that I may choose to never marry and yes, I do have kids. Two of them, ages 2 and 4. I am ashamed to admit I drive a car that guzzles more gas than the little Toyota Corolla that took me through college. I finished my Bachelor’s in biology four years ago and my student teachng almost two years ago. I am over the age of 25 and most debilitating for the new teacher, I am not at all organized.

I tend to take pride in the fact that it may appear that I don't stick to the well worn path. However, the truth is that I have been meeting many colleagues that have taken the less beaten path into education. Educators are a pretty progressive group of people, and while it is still the expectation that you have arrived there right after finishing an undergrad, in your early twenties and well on your way to marital commitment, it is quite alright if you stopped for gas, snacks, a stint on a farm or a friendly visit with friends along the way.

The tricky thing comes trying to identify and sum yourself up quickly in a new workplace, or at least preventing others for doing this for you. However, the beauty of making yourself hard to define, is peopl have to actually get to know you.

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